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Legends Of Darts Pro 1.0

Legends Of Darts- A darts game that feels like darts.
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A darts game that feels like darts. Featuring darts legends Eric Bristow and John Lowe this game has all the tension, excitement and genuine game play of real darts, bringing the atmosphere of a real event to your iPhone. It was developed in partnership between FatSpanner and Matchplay Games, the former being the UK’s leading independent provider of touch screen pub games machines. This title is an adaptation of the successful touch screen pub game of the same name and as a consequence has a tried and tested control mechanism which you’ll find very intuitive.

The game gives you a number of modes of play. Work your way through a ‘Legends’ game, trying to defeat a host of humorous characters of increasing skill level, with practice you can get all the way up to the ‘Legends’ themselves. Test your skills against ‘The Crafty Cockney’ and ‘Old Stone Face’, two of the most successful players the game has ever produced.

You can also play a ‘Friendly’, which gives you the choice of number of legs, 301 or 501 game format against the CPU.

The graphics and sound are highly polished, creating a really immersive game experience for such a small screen format and there’s enough of a humour element to keep you smiling even if your darts aren’t quite on the money.

Accessible and challenging at the same time, this game is a fun experience for darts fans and the uninitiated alike.

Main Features:

- Featuring darts greats Eric Bristow and John Lowe.
- Tried and tested intuitive control mechanism.
- Stunning ‘lifelike’ graphics and realistic sounds.
- Immersive and atmospheric game experience.
- Play whole tournament or single friendly game.
- ‘Shot Out’ aid to help with mental arithmetic in the heat of battle.
- Play left or right handed.
- Optional ‘Zoom’ feature.

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