Lechuza - horror point and click

Lechuza - horror point and click 1.2

Lechuza - horror point and click is an interesting adventure game.
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Apostrophe Stockholm

Lechuza - horror point and click is an interesting adventure game. In this game, you control everything by clicking around the screen, hence the name. The first scene puts you outside an art auction. You are not invited, so the first choice you make in the game is to give some money to the bouncer outside. After you give him two bills, he accepts to let you in. Once in, you meet all the other people at the auction. During the auction, three pieces are sold. You are given four bills to bid on each paint, but you can only buy the last one, which has a few missing pieces. This is how you venture to Sweden to find them. Once in Sweden, you find the house depicted in the painting and start exploring it. There are many puzzles that you have to solve. For example, when you make it to the second floor, you find a fuse, which you can insert into a fuse box downstairs to open a secret electric door.

I am pretty sure the game plays similarly all throughout. I have never played a game like this and I found it very entertaining. Of course, the game is lineal, meaning there is only one possible ending and all your actions are pre-written. If you don't mind about that, Lechuza is very interesting to play.

José Fernández
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