LayoutKitchen 2.1

An application designed to help create accessibility panels and layouts.
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LayoutKitchen allows users to create multiple types of accessibility panels. The output is designed for use in either SwitchXS, KeyStrokes, Proloquo, all programs are created for people suffering from a physical impairment. With this tool you will be able to fully design keyboard, scan and speech panels that can automate one or multiple tasks in just one click.

Creating panels with LayoutKitchen is surprisingly easy. This is due to a rich set of libraries included as well as drag and drop support. For each item added to the layout, I was able to define everything from label to size or function trigger. Items are very flexible elements; with a single one you may automatically run a complex script, launch an application, a text macro or a spoken piece of text.

Without the actual installation of the applications for which the output is meant, there is no way of testing out the layouts. Depending on the panels you are creating, the layouts will simply stack under their associated programs. Overall however, this is a flexible and intuitive way of creating panels and keyboard layout for the above mentioned accessibility programs.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Rich set of libraries
  • Drag and drop support
  • Customization through the Inspector window


  • Cannot test the newly created layout
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