Lawn Mower Kids

Lawn Mower Kids 1.2

Control the paths of three lawn mowers to get the grass cut without incident.

In Lawn Mower Kids, you control the paths of three lawn mowers to get the grass cut without incident. Various obstacles stand in your path, including roaming pets, delicate flower gardens, and football-tossing youngsters. Completing the level faster wins a more valuable medal.

The three lawn mowers have different widths as well as different abilities: football-dodging, for instance, or evasion of angry clients. There are 21 levels, each of which has a unique lawn shape and combination of obstacles, and each of which vary in difficulty from a step-by-step tutorial all the way to mowing the lawn in the middle of a raucous party. It's rather unclear why someone would want their lawn mown during rather than before a party. But hey, whatever the client wants!

Sam's Protip: Focusing on the path of one mower at a time can be more productive than trying to manage them all simultaneously. Also, I guarantee that results will be significantly worse than depicted if you make a lawnmower run into an animal in real life.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Unique casual action game with good time-based challenges
  • Strategy required for optimal completion


  • No fullscreen option
  • Pathfinding sometimes fails
  • Difficult to get all three mowers going simultaneously
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