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Secure Integrated Scripting Environment for OS X that enables users to create...
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KosmicTask is a secure Integrated Scripting Environment for OS X that enables users to create, edit, execute and share script based tasks using a wide range of scripting languages.
KosmicTask provides the following basic functionality:
- A central repository of script powered tasks:
Each named task contains a script that is executed whenever the task is run and related tasks are commonly arranged into easily identified groups. Tasks can accept a wide range of configurable inputs and can return complex data types and files as task results. KosmicTask utilises a plug-in architecture that permits the creation of tasks in more than twenty different scripting languages.
- A sharing idiom that allows for public and trusted user access to tasks:
A shared task is one that is made available to all KosmicTask users via their local network. This enables common functionality to be made public. Tasks that are not explicitly shared can be accessed only by users that can authenticate using a valid username and password.
- A multi-tabbed iTunes like interface:
KosmicTask supports the simultaneous execution of tasks on multiple machines. Each task executes and displays its results within its own detachable tab. An iTunes like control panel displays the task status and enables tasks to be executed, paused and terminated.
- A comprehensive history of task requests and results:
Consecutive tasks can be executed within the same tab and KosmicTask retains a full history of all user inputs and results. A separate global history maintains a persistent record of network wide task requests and inputs.Typical Usage Scenarios
KosmicTask can be used in a wide range of different situations and has features that appeal to various classes of users:
- Home:
Use KosmicTask on a single Mac or home network to carry out repetitive administration and automation tasks. Non technical users can easily utilise existing tasks. More technical users will find that there is a wealth of scripts available on the Internet that they can easily adapt to their purpose.
- Business:
KosmicTask is an effective tool for sharing business automation tasks with end users. Document processing, file processing and automation based services can all be configured from within the application and shared out to clients on the network.
- Education:
KosmicTask provides a great way of introducing students to a wide range of scripting languages. The application comes with a range of both native OS X and embedded scripting languages. Students can develop and test scripts on their own machine whilst educators can review and appraise their tasks via the network.
- System Administration:
Systems and network administrators will find that the application is a convenient and secure method of providing user scripts and performing script based network maintenance.
- Software Development:
Developers can use KosmicTask to quickly prototype code ideas. It is also useful for building and organising a library of executable code samples and snippets.
- Science and Technology:
The distributed task model means that the application is ideally suited to data acquisition and processing projects. Tasks can be configured to collect and process data on the remote target before returning the results for further analysis and persistence.

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