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Klib is intended to help you manage your notes and highlights for Kindle or iBooks. Besides, it supports synchronizing them with Evernote, Duokan and Amazon. Good to know that the application lets you import data in various ways. In this regard, you can connect your Kindle to your computer the way you always do or use your Amazon account to keep your data synchronized.

The tool’s interface makes it very easy to use. There are no hidden features and the preferences were kept simple. Besides, there is a detailed explanation of how to use the app right on its main page on the developer’s site. What is more, you can get answers to as many questions as you may have by contacting the developer via Telegram.

Luckily, books can be grouped, which lets you focus on those you are currently reading. Similarly, you can pick multiple books and mark them as read. Fortunately, you can also change anything you want, such as a title and author, at any time. It is also very convenient that you perform a search from the left panel to find the desired book or note. In this regard, you can use different criteria, like author, title or highlight’s properties.

Luckily, Klib integrates perfectly with the Kindle app. For instance, it lets you open the book exactly on the page where you made your note, so you will not waste time on browsing. But not only that, Klib helps you overcome Kindle’s limitations in terms of reviewing chapters of a book by marking them.

Good news is that you can synchronize, backup or share your notes and highlights by creating a local database file or by allowing Evernote to make them accessible from other devices, including portable ones. It is also quite convenient that you can copy a note as Markdown, which allows pasting the content with its exact format on any other application that supports that language.

Although Klib undeniably helps you organize your reading, it is not as sophisticated as other tools that are normally used for academic purposes. Thus, it is not the recommended product to manage bibliography for an article or essay you are writing.

All in all, I am sure Klib will boost your productivity as a reader by allowing you to manage your notes and highlights with ease as well as synchronize them across devices. The product’s basic license is totally free; however, you would probably like to expand its features by obtaining Pro or Extension licenses, which are available as in-app purchases.

Pedro Castro
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  • Integrates with the Kindle app
  • Allows grouping books or marking them as read
  • Supports saving your data as a local database or synchronizing them on your Evernote account
  • Copies notes as Markdown
  • Allows marking chapters


  • Not recommended for managing bibliographies
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