Kameleon 1.0

Unique new application for Leopard.
1.0.4 (See all)
Geek Peak Software

Kameleon is a unique new application for Leopard. It is the first application for Leopard to be able to change the system wide appearance of buttons, scrollbars, progress bars, and more. You, as a user, can select from a variety of themes to apply, and then see the changes after you restart any application. A more complete theming solution for Leopard doesn't exist! If you want to show people that you are the master of your computer, by customizing it until it feels like your own, then buy or try Kameleon today!This version of Kameleon includes a free, 15 day trial, and you can purchase at any time for only $10.PS: Don't worry, Kameleon makes backups of everything it changes, and downloads the latest defaults from our online repository whenever a set of defaults cannot be found.

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