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Free It is a pomodoro app that reminds you to rest after energy-consuming activities.
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JustFocus is a productivity application that reminds you to rest after energy-consuming activities. The program is built on the Pomodoro technique, which alternates working hours with short and long breaks, so you can improve your efficiency and keep yourself focused on the task you need to complete.

The program installs in the menu bar of your Mac. This way, you can access it with ease and enable its functions whenever you want. Clicking on the menu bar icon drops down the tool's content menu, so you can start the pomodoro, take unscheduled short breaks or long breaks (other than those you preset), and view statistics on the performed tasks. The Preferences menu allows you to configure your pomodoros according to your work profile. Therefore, you can set custom timers for pomodoros and breaks, ask the program to show inspirational quotes during the breaks, enable sound effects, display a countdown on the menu bar, and lock the screen with beautiful 24-hour refreshing wallpapers. What is great about this utility is that it has the ability to block all mouse and keyboard events, so you can take a real break away from your computer. Furthermore, the app supports locking the screen during breaks in order to keep private information undisclosed to unauthorized users.

To conclude, JustFocus is a pomodoro app that helps you organize your time efficiently, so you can be more productive and yet not feeling tired. The pomodoro timers are highly customizable, the screen supports password protection against prying eyes, and the desktop can be beautified with full-screen wallpapers and quotes for relaxation.

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  • Customizable pomodoro timers
  • Password-protected screen during breaks
  • Displays quotes and beautiful wallpapers on the rest screen
  • Statistics for reviewing your productive times


  • Doesn't support multiple pomodoros
  • You can't set task names


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