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KnowledgeTree is a web-based document management system that lets you manage, share, and store your team's documents and images. KnowledgeTree manages Office, PDF, OpenOffice, XML, HTML, RTF, and text documents, as well as JPEG and TIFF images. Its flexible, open source design features centralized administration, distributed access, and version control. The JumpBox for KnowledgeTree lets you deploy this document management system with ease. Enhanced features such as the JumpBox backup and restore system, also ensure your documents are backed up and secure. Key benefits and features you'll get with KnowledgeTree: Enable collaboration - KnowledgeTree features document specific discussion forums and customized document workflows that allow collaborative review and approval. Go paperless - Scan in your paper documents and KnowledgeTree's optical character recognition feature will make them searchable and available to your entire team. Improve productivity - KnowledgeTree workflows allow you to manage your documents in accordance to your business process, or compliance needs more efficiently. Create users, groups & roles that map to your organization's structure & processes. Gain Control - Flexible role or group-based security settings allow you to control user access and available actions. Document activity auditing enables your document compliance process. You can also setup role or group-based permission structures and workflow assignments. Ease of Use - To manage files with KnowledgeTree, simply drag and drop documents from your desktop. Automatic notifications tell you when documents have been changed, and when a workflow action is required. Productivity - Scan and secure paper documents for quick retrieval. Find documents easily with full text search. Flexibiity - Integrate other applications with KnowledgeTree via SOAP. KnowledgeTree's plug-in architecture allows easy extension of all system functionality.

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