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Jump Birdy Jump is a nice puzzle game for the Mac.
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Jump Birdy Jump is a nice puzzle game for the Mac. In it, you control a bird and your objective is to meet your significant other at the end of each level. To do that, you need to use cords as slingshots to jump from platform to platform while collecting stars. When you make it to the platform where your bird love interest waits for you, the level will be completed. After each level, you will see your score, which depends on a few factors, including the time it took you to complete it and the number of stars that you have collected along the way. Your score in each level will range from 1 to 3 stars. You can use these stars to unlock new levels. There are quite a few levels, all of which include a good number of puzzles. For example, to unlock the second level, you need a minimum of 20 stars.

The gameplay is nice and smooth. The first few levels aren't challenging at all. When you click on the rope to slingshot the bird up, you will see a projected trajectory, which makes it easy to calculate where the bird will land. The puzzles get more complicated when there are obstacles in your way, like walls with spikes, which will kill you.

José Fernández
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  • Lots of levels
  • Easy to play, but with a challenge
  • Nice graphics and sounds


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