Jack of All Widgets

Jack of All Widgets 2.3

widget for many different search services
2.3.2 (See all)

Jack of All Widgets is a multi-website search tool. It provides quick access to dozens of commonly used web searches. You simply type in some search terms, choose which site(s) to search and hit return. The widget activates Safari and executes the search(es). It has over two dozen searches built in, and is infinitely customizable (if you know how to open a widget package and edit XML files). The advantage of using Jack Widget is that 1) you don't have to remember where to go for a particular search, they're all there in a list, and 2) you don't have to go to the page first, select the search type you want and then type in the terms, you just type in your search to the widget and it takes you right to the results page.
Searched Websites Accuweather Acronymfinder AirborneExpress/DHL (package tracking) Amazon Barnes and Noble Bizrate Borders Bugmenot Citysearch eBay Epinions Federal Express (package tracking) Foldoc (Free online dictionary of computing) Froogle (Google's product search) Geocoder (Find the latitude and longitude of an address) Google (general, finance, movies, user video) Infospace Internet Movie Database (IMDB) jux2 (searches google, yahoo and msn simultaneously) Law.com - legal dictionary Lyrictracker Mapquest (find address, find latitude/longitude) MelissaData Merriam-Webster (Dictionary, Thesaurus, Medical Terms) NOAA (Weather) Pricegrabber Superpages.com Shopping.com Ultimate-Guitar.com (Tab) UPS (package tracking) USPS (find zipcode) USPS (package tracking) VersionTracker Weather.com Webopedia (computer terms) Whitepages.com Wikipedia WiFi-HotSpotList.com Yahoo (maps, movies, real estate, stock prices) Zabasearch

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