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itsMine Video Watermark Maker 2.6

Protect personal video files with complex watermarks.
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itsMine Video Watermark Maker is an application designed to protect personal video files with complex watermarks. Besides text and image logo overlays, the program supports adding audio tracks to your videos, either over the original audio or as a replacement of it.

Using the application isn't difficult. All you need to do is load the video you want to stamp with custom watermarks, enable the watermark editing options that fit your needs, and export the result as a new file. The imported video supports being played back within the app, so you can see in real time the adjustments you make in terms of watermark customization. Both text and picture watermarks can be manually dragged around the video image in search of the perfect location. For greater accuracy, you can enter values for position and size, which you may retain for watermarking future videos.

Text can be adjusted in terms of style, font size, alignment, and color. Both photo and text watermarks can be framed with more or less emphasizing borders. The watermark transparency can be controlled with ease, simply by dragging a slider. The tool allows you to adjust the volume level, as well as turn the audio to mute, so you can replace the original track with a new one. If the new audio doesn't cover the total video duration, it will be heard by default only at the beginning of the video. Optionally, you can have it looped to match the video length. Unfortunately, setting the new audio somewhere in the middle of the video can't be done.

To conclude, itsMine Video Watermark Maker offers an easy solution to add copyright protection to video files. You have the ability to set text and image watermarks and adjust or replace the original audio.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Adds copyright protection
  • Supports text and image watermarks
  • Can replace the original audio with a new track
  • Auto loops new audio to match video length


  • Can't set the new audio to play at a specific time within the video