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It is a complex image manager that supports multiple photo-related features.
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iSmartPhoto Free is a complex image manager that supports multiple photo-related features. Therefore, the app allows you to view, organize, sort, move, copy, and delete image files in batches. In addition, it comes with a series of handy functions that help you rotate, export, convert, share, and rename selected files from within the program.

The utility opens with a clear-cut and customizable interface in terms of types of image view modes, showing or hiding them according to your needs and preferences. Loading the photos you wish to manage is done easily by browsing and selecting the folder that contains the desired image files. The convenient drag-and-drop method is also supported. Yet, if iSmartPhoto is set as your default image viewer, then you can just double-click on a single photo and, consequently, all the images within that folder and its subfolders will be displayed automatically.

By default, the program showcases the imported photos as thumbnails. They are customizable in terms of the size and the file info displayed beneath them. However, for a more complete image file information, you can check the left-side panel, where you can check comprehensive details, such as the storage location, the file's name, the format and size, the date when the picture was created and, respectively, when it was last modified, the GPS location, the image size, the DPI, etc. Still, you can preview your photos at their actual size, zoom the display in and out, and create nice slideshows.

The filter options are extensive, giving you the chance to group your photos according to various parameters. Furthermore, you have the ability to rotate the pictures, copy or move them to a different location, and send to Trash the duplicate and the unwanted files. If necessary, you can batch-convert your photos into the most common image formats, with preservation or modification of the original size, DPI, and quality. What is more, the utility provides comprehensive renaming options that, surprisingly, outperform other specialized file renamers.

To conclude, iSmartPhoto Free offers extensive image managing features and photo-related functions. It lets you easily share your files to social websites and Mac OS supported services, as well as send your photos via e-mail directly from the application. The Preferences menu allows you to select an external image editor, so you can have all your image-related tools right there at hand, gathered in one place.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Complete image manager
  • Comprehensive renaming options
  • You can share photos directly from the app
  • You can flag and rate the images
  • Export and batch conversion features
  • Extensive filters for smart photo grouping


  • Can't add custom hot-keys for the most frequently used functions
  • The toolbar doesn't support additional buttons
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