Isadora 2.2

Graphic programming environment that provides interactive control over digital media...
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Isadora is a graphic programming environment that provides interactive control over digital media, with special emphasis on the real-time manipulation of digital video. An Isadora program is created by linking together graphically represented building blocks, each of which performs a specific function: playing or manipulating digital video, capturing live video, looking for MIDI input, controlling a DV camera, etc. By linking the modules together you can create complex interactive relationships that can be controlled in real time, either with the mouse and keyboard, or with external devices.
What's new in this version:
Faster video processing performance when using actors that have been updated to run natively on the GPU.
Fade Times can now be specified for each scene. This new feature works in coordination with the Go Trigger feature to make cueing of scenes easier and cleaner.
A new Tip of the Day message is shown each time you start up Isadora, offering tips, tricks and best practices for both novice and experienced users.
An updated manual for Isadora 2
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