Iron Grip: Marauders 0.9

Free-to-play, strategy browser game. Become the captain of your own airship and lead your army to victory.
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Iron Grip: Marauders is a free-to-play, strategy browser game. Become the captain of your own airship and lead your army to victory. Play awesome 3D turn-based tactical battles against the AI or other players.
About the Game: Iron Grip: Marauders is the first online strategy game to include tactical battles in spectacular 3D, all of which can be streamed in your browser. Thanks to the innovative blending of a browser strategy game with Unity software, the game is able to deliver advanced strategic planning along with great looking individual battles played in a turn-based format, and it's easy to quickly get into the action. Iron Grip: Marauders is the latest addition to the Iron Grip series. The game takes place several years after Iron Grip: Lords of War. In the land of Kathos, an aristocratic country caught up in internal conflict, the strain and turmoil has finally reached a boiling point. The troops of the Rahmos Protectorate States have moved to the southern border in expectation of a pending war with the neighboring Confederation of Nallum; leaving entire regions unprotected. This situation has attracted the attention of marauders: mercenary pirates whose ranks range from highly trained ex-military men to common thieves. Many of these marauders came from Atelia, where they used to serve as soldiers of fortune for the Atelian tribal leaders. As captain of a horde of airship-borne raiders, players roam the vast regions of Kathos in search of good smuggling opportunities and wealthy targets to raid. For the exceptionally bold marauder, there is the option to assault secret bases belonging to Bosses - assuming they can find enough allies to help them complete the attacks. Features: Free to Play; Make a free account in your browser or through; Steam or Facebook and play right away; Revolutionary Tactical Battles; Directly command your troops in full 3D; Extensive Quest Series; More than 30 missions to complete; Cooperative Multiplayer; Take down AI bosses together with your friends; Player vs Player Battles; Fight intense one on one skirmishes; Tournaments; Compete in organized competitions for big prizes; Travel across the Iron Grip world; Every location has different art, maps and enemies; Three regions to unlock; Anchorpoint, the Walker Boneyard and Atelia awaitis is a game we're proud to call our greatest achievement yet.



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