Iris Analysis Report 1.2

This program is designed to produce useful Iris analysis information.
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This program is designed to produce Iris analysis information that is extremely useful to both you and your client.
As an iridologist, you can get overwhelmed with the amount of information that you see. It can be hard to know where to begin. Then there are times that you forget to make observations in certain areas or about certain systems. Ultimately, it can be challenging to sort out all the information to present it to your client in a concise and organized manner.
This program resolves those issues. By following the pages, it walks you through your analysis. It prevents confusion by blocking out assessment choices that you don't need to make based upon your previous observations. It prompts you so that you don't miss any significant assessment. It prevents you from getting caught up in minute details that ultimately will only confuse or overwhelm the client. Then it provides you with a record of your findings that you can use for future reference. It is quick to use and easy to generate a report.

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