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Mainly intended for processing and converting RAW photographs.
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Iridient Developer is intended for processing photographs. Although this tool supports common picture formats such as JPG, PNG and TIFF, its real power can only be realized when you import RAW images. Luckily, it currently supports more than 500 cameras. Besides, it is continuously being updated for new models.

The application uses a series of separate windows. The main window allows browsing and previewing the imported pictures as well as a few operations, like rotating and zooming. Besides, there is the Settings window, which has multiple panels that let you adjust image parameters. Other functions and features are available through the top menu, too. Due to the long list of parameters you can adjust, it is indispensable to have at least basic knowledge of photography. It may also be possible that you need to consult the accompanying help documentation if you want to exploit all its features.

It is excellent news that the tool allows importing a complete folder and supports using batch settings for a whole group of photographs. The Settings window is where the magic occurs. It has various tabs that let you adjust such parameters as exposure level, color correction and input profile. Being specifically intended for RAW photos, it is great that its demosaicing algorithm can use different techniques for each of the supported sensors.

Most pictures require sharpening, so you will probably be glad to hear that Iridient Developer supports two techniques: Iridient Reveal and High Pass. Reveal, which is the application’s default sharpening method for RAW images, combines various techniques such as traditional edges, contrast enhancement and deconvolution.

In terms of reducing noise, Iridient Developer cannot actually enhance photographs when the noise has been the result of high ISO values. Instead, noise reduction is used in combination with the sharpening techniques to compensate for their possible negative effects.

There is also the possibility to adjust shadows by brightening or darkening specific parts of the picture. It is great that it uses a smart method based on analyzing surrounding pixels. Finally, for all the combination of methods and parameter tweaking, you can create custom presets for future similar tasks.

When your work is done, Iridient Developer lets you export your results in various formats, including JPG, PNG, TIFF and PSD. At this point, you will have control of several advanced file export options, including the possibility to export pictures with embedded metadata.

To sum up, there is no doubt Iridient Developer is among the best RAW image processors available. It has lots of features, including excellent sharpening techniques, which explains its popularity. I am sure that, with some practice and study, most photographers, even inexperienced ones, will be able to improve their photos using this tool. Fortunately, its demo version has no restrictions in terms of time and features; however, it will leave watermarks on the exported images.

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  • Supports importing and exporting most common picture formats
  • Supports multiple camera models
  • Accompanying help documentation
  • Supports two sharpening techniques
  • Allows saving custom presets
  • Supports batch processing


  • Not a flat learning curve
  • Cannot solve noise problems resulting from high ISO values


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