iPulse 3.0

System monitoring application that lets you peek at the inner workings of OS X through a clever and visually compact user interface.

iPulse is a tool that was designed to help users keep track of their activity and resource consumption on Mac. The main interface consists of a round-shaped virtual object that is nicely split into sectors that correspond to various system parameters. You can see the CPU usage, disk information, network parameters, physical and virtual memory and valuable information about the battery, all in the same round-shaped object. What makes this different from other similar software is that it also provides support for dual-core processors, and accurately displays usage for both cores. This feature-rich application also provides quick access to the "Activity Monitor" tool that comes built-in with OS X, where you can kill processes or programs in order to free memory or reduce CPU usage. The program is highly customizable, and opening the Preference menu will allow you to make modifications upon the general use of the tool and the appearance; it also provides separate settings for the colors that are used to show CPU, Memory, Disk and Network usage.

All taken into consideration, you should give iPulse a try; it comes with high applicability and accurate readings regarding CPU, Network, Disk and Memory usage.

Dave Hattey
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  • Accurate readings for CPU, Network, Disk and Memory usage
  • Highly customizable
  • Easy-to-use menu


  • When you put the cursor on the round-shaped virtual object, there is a delay in showing the specific usage
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