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Protect personal data when accessing the Internet.
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Access a VPN solution for online protection. Redirect all requests for personal data, IP, and other information to a proxy and create a secure tunnel between your Mac and the accessible server or website. Bypass regional and other restrictions for content access.

IPinator VPN is a handy application that offers identity protection when surfing the Web. Your real IP is substituted by a fake one, so that you can remain anonymous while keeping your connection encrypted. This way, you will be protected against Internet threats while being free to access websites that embrace a selective authentication policy.

The program's interface has a minimalist appearance. It opens with a small-sized window that provides a compact and clear view of all the main functions, so that you can spot them quickly and enable them with ease. Once you launch the application, your real IP is displayed at the top of the main window. You are required to enable some settings so that they suit your needs and you will then be connected to an anonymous proxy server meant to introduce you on the Web with a new identity. Therefore, you can choose either to preserve a single fake IP for all your Internet connections or change the IP at each authentication, so that addresses will rotate periodically or, even better, they will never repeat themselves. Furthermore, you have the ability to hide your identity under US-based IPs only, select specific IP locations, or let the program choose a random IP address on your behalf. In addition, you can determine that specific IP addresses should never be used simply by adding them into the discarded IPs box.

What you will definitely appreciate about this program is its support for hot keys. This option will let you manage IPinator VPN even when your system runs other applications. Therefore, you can easily hide, unhide, change, and discard your current IP with the help of predefined key strokes.

To sum up, IPinator VPN is a simple, yet efficient IP generator and proxy server. It keeps your true identity undisclosed to web partners, providing free and safe Web navigation.

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  • Straightforward approach
  • Automatic IP rotation
  • Can set IP rotation intervals
  • Can discard specific IPs
  • Allows to manage the tool using hot keys


  • Can't cancel the connection to a proxy server while the process is in progress


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