Manage articles as PDFs from the PubMed service.
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Organize and access various articles stored on your Mac as PDF files whose filenames are PMID.pdf. Automatically search for and even import relevant and updated article information from PubMed databases, replace the older copies of PDFs without creating duplicates, etc.

Papers is an application that manages many PDF files of articles, whose information can be obtained by PubMed. If you have articles as PDF files whose filenames are PMID.pdf (e.g. 10867176.pdf), you can import the articles into iPapers by drag and drop operation. PMID is the unique ID provided by PubMed. iPapers automatically searches and imports the information of the imported articles from PubMed DB, e.g. name of authors, title, journal name, volume, number, pages and abstract.
iPapers not only manage the articles with PDF named PMID, but also manage a PDF file which is not listed in PubMed and a reference information without PDF.

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