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Instalyrics is a music lyrics finder that lives in the menu bar.
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Tal Shrestha

Instalyrics is a music lyrics finder that lives in the menu bar. It supports instant search for currently playing songs in iTunes, Spotify, Radium, and Sonara, as well as YouTube, Rdio, Grooveshark, and Last.FM if they are being played in a supported browser. It also supports search for direct text input.

The strength of this app is that it relies not on some limited proprietary database but on the next-to-unlimited resources of the Internet at large. Upon receiving a query via one of the aforementioned methods, Instalyrics opens a Safari window with its best guess for a webpage with the song's lyrics. This could be a page on one of multitudinous lyrics websites or even the artist's homepage if the song is obscure enough.

Despite the developer's claim that the app works for all languages, I did experience trouble finding some songs not in English, probably because in its search the program includes the English word "lyrics" leading it to English-language sites that may be simple discographies.

Sam's Protip: Look up for some misheard lyrics hilarity. It's possible that you might even stumble onto some of the same by using Instalyrics.

Sam Lloyd
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  • Leverages the entire Internet to find lyrics even for obscure titles
  • Works well with an iOS device on hand


  • Uses Safari rather than system default or built-in browser
  • Doesn't always produce a lyrics page
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