Informator Pro Movie 1.8

Quicktime movie annotations editor
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Informator Pro Movie is a new special version of Informator, that makes viewing and editing of Quicktime User Data (Quicktime Movie annotations) really easy. Simply select a Quicktime movie in the Finder and enter values. They will be written immediately. No need to save. And a customizable template system allows you to edit a bunch of files at a time.
- Create templates and use them to insert entries.
- Choose your templates most comfortable from a pop up menu.
- Insert entries from templates into a whole bunch of files.
- Choose the most important template as "standard" to insert its information even faster.
- Chose options for every single field to fix the way the template data is written to the files.(keep existing info, overwrite, add or delete all languages)
Pop Ups
- Define pop up menus for every field to edit entries very easily
- Use variables within templates or Pop up menus to insert variable information like "actual date" or "foldername".
- Combine text and variables to create new textstrings.
- Multilanguage Quicktime Movie entries. Create entries in different languages
- The displayed information can be configured to your personal needs
What's new in this version:
Fix: Update of the advanced permission area Fix: Update of the one spot permission Imp: Better reliability Fix: Several UI problems



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