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Add infographics to Keynote presentations.
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Enhance Keynote presentations created and edited on a Mac. Work with a series of illustration materials for generating slideshows, displays of data, reports, and other projects. Adjust and preview visualization with high-definition materials, adjust backgrounds, etc.

The Infographics collection contains a wide range of high-quality designs for illustrating your Keynote presentations. Whether your slideshow is focused on a specific country, explains intricacies of an industry, or presents annual financial results Infographics is a go-to selection of quality visualization tools.
All images include transparent backgrounds that allow placing them on various colors and patterned backgrounds. Most elements are drawn in shapes, and you can easily change their fill, opacity, and other parameters.
Infographics is designed to be used with Apple's Keynote but you can also paste the images to Pages, Numbers, or iBooks Author.

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