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We do not sell infographic templates! Drawtify Infographic Creator not only includes an astonishing number of Free Infographic Templates but also includes a full-featured and easy-to-use Graphics Editor, as well as a powerful Chart Tool and rich One-click Chart Style Templates. Anyone can easily customize any detailed information 100%, and quickly create eye-catching charts, visual data, and infographics to tell your most fascinating story.

***Competitive Advantage***
*Powerful Chart Tool and One-click Chart Style*
No need to find other tools to create charts.
Drawtify Infographic Creator has a powerful built-in chart tool that can help you quickly create almost all chart types to get eye-catching visual data. In addition, hundreds of chart styles are built-in, and anyone can make your visual data more amazing with a one-click operation.
*Built-in powerful and easy-to-use design plug-ins, including chart tools, tree diagram tools, barcode generators, QR code generators, map tools).
*Built-in rich one-click chart styles, including bar chart, line chart, pie chart, funnel chart, pyramid chart, scatter chart, radar chart, ring chart, etc.

*Rich and Free Infographic Resources*
*Built-in hundreds of and constantly updated editable infographic templates and presentation templates.
*Built-in thousands of editable industry infographic elements.
*Built-in tens of thousands of editable vector icons and shapes.
*Built-in millions of high-definition pictures and backgrounds.
With Drawtify Infographic Creator's free editable infographic templates and presentation templates, you can easily customize fascinating infographics and presentations.

*Professional and Easy-to-use Graphic Design App*
One-stop solution for charts, visual data, infographics, and presentations!
Now, there is no need to find complex and diverse editors to adapt to the editing of charts, visual data, infographics, or presentations. Drawtify Infographic Creator is not only a fully functional and easy-to-use graphic design software but it is also optimized for creating charts, visual data, infographics, or presentations.
*Built-in vector editor
*Built-in chart tool
*Built-in photo editor
*Built-in art text tool
*Built-in layout function
*Built-in typesetting tools
*Built-in animation editor
*Built-in multi-page editing function
*Built-in node filter
*Built-in image filter
*Built-in image fusion mode
*Built-in 3D editing function
*Built-in color scheme
*Support JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG format image output
*Support SVG, GIF, APNG, VIDEO (mp4) format animation output
*Support direct printing
With the full-featured and easy-to-use graphic design features of Drawtify Infographic Creator, you can edit all charts, visual data, infographics, and presentations in detail. Of course, you can also use its rich editable chart styles, infographic templates, infographic elements, and presentation templates to get eye-catching charts, visual data, infographics, and presentations in a few minutes.
In addition, you can start by creating a blank file. Even create any exquisite graphics and presentation animations you need. E.g:
Vector logo, Business cards, ID cards, Greeting Cards, Gift Cards, Postcards, Invitation cards, Labels, Certificates, Resumes, Letter paper, Covers, Invoices, as well as Posters, Flyers, Menus, Banners, Newsletters, Infographics, Reports, Booklet, Brochures, Catalogs, e-mails, Social media pictures, etc.

***Please start your creative journey.***
However, please don't forget to give us five stars. And your most precious and true feedback. Because we look forward to you here to share the success and joy of "do it yourself".

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