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Keep an inventory of whatever you own, buy or sell.
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InerziaThings Lite helps you keep an inventory of whatever you own, buy or sell. It does so by creating libraries in which relevant information about each of those “things” can be kept. This way, if you need to have quick access to such data, you can easily go and find that specific item in the database.

I love the idea of using such a common word as 'thing' to refer to anything you may want to include in the database instead of using more sophisticated or technical words as 'object', 'product' or 'asset', which would restrict its scope. In addition to the already mentioned concept of 'thing', the app uses other two: 'places' and 'rooms'. Thus, you can have a laser printer (thing) in your studio (room) at home (place).

The tool is quite easy to use; so much so that I do not think anyone could have problems to use it. In this respect, there is a welcome screen which lets you start with what is probably the most frequent task: adding a new thing. When you do so, there are several fields to fill in, such as date of addition, purchase date, brand, model, warranty period, formatted notes, shop and so on. What I like about the new thing form is that no field must be compulsory filled in. It even supports adding a picture of the thing, but only if you want to.

Once you are done with entering data, you can return to the main screen, which shows all the data in the tabular form. It is possible to search the database or filter the things by room. Besides, you can hide or show the desired columns to create a customized view. Moreover, some basic operations as duplicating or deleting the selected things can be performed. Unfortunately, the tool does not support dragging and dropping things to a different place.

The resulting library can be shared with others by exporting it using the InerziaThings format or others like TSV and CSV, which can be viewed on Excel. Likewise, the program allows importing data from other InerziaThings databases.

All in all, InerziaThings Lite has the main advantages of being very easy to use and versatile in terms of the kind of data you can enter. It is a pity that this Lite version is extremely limited as to the number of things, places and rooms you can create, which seems like a trick to make you buy the full version.

Pedro Castro
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  • Very versatile in terms of the data you can enter
  • Organizes items in places and rooms
  • Allows filtering results
  • Customizable table columns
  • Exportable to various formats


  • Does not support dragging and dropping an item to a different location
  • Extremely limited number of things, places and rooms available
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