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InerziaDevHelper is written to make your developer life easier! You can be a professional programmer or a very beginner in the art of software developing, but this has happened to you at least once: after having heavily modified several source files, you feel that you are in a no-way-out situation and that you should return to the last running version. That is you have to resume the last backup, that usually is old: after that backup you programmed good things that you would like to keep, but you don't know how to recover. The automatic backup and tracking solutions are usually expensive.
InerziaDevHelper has the main goal to keep track of all your projects, maintaining a complete backup every time you think it's wise, but without a standard backup annoiances. In addition, it allows the tracking of the various bugs that affected (ops, affects!) your software after its release to the users. These users can also be inserted into InerziaDevHelper, together with the eventual serial assigned.
Then, InerziaDevHelper main functions are many: To keep the list of all you current and past projects, together with the path to the original XCode folder For each project, keep the versions list, wether released or not, but, first of all, a copy of all source files and all the resources necessary to compile it. If necessary, this copy is easily available. To keep track of the bugs found in each version, rated as the best software quality systems recommend; sorting by status shows you which bugs are open and which of them is urgent To keep a list of your Customers with their activation serial number, for shareware or commercials
Note: if you keep a Customer list, we remember you that in many countries a record of demographical data (name, email, phone,...) falls under a regulation to assure the privacy of each one. If in doubt, we suggest to ask your legal consultant.
InerziaDevHelper is free, you can use it as you want and you are encouraged to distribute it (but only with its release notes). Anyway, if you think that this is (or could be!) a good piece of software or you used it often, we ask you to consider to give a small donation as a little help to its development, by using the PayPal link our website. This will encourage us to continue the development and adding new features and improvements. If you decide for such a good thing... we ask you not to go under 2 dollars (or 2 euros), otherwise the bank loads will eat up all the donation!

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