iMic Final Vinyl

iMic Final Vinyl 2.5

iMic lets Mac and PC users add stereo input and output to USB computers.
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Griffin Technology

iMic lets Mac and PC users add stereo input and output to USB computers — even computers that lack audio-in or -out ports. iMic allows you to connect microphones and other input devices to your iBook, PowerBook, PowerMac or other Mac or PC systems. All you need is a USB port. iMic supports both mic and line level inputs via a selectable switch, and provides a line-level output for connecting speakers or headphones. iMic shines as the essential tool for converting your vinyl LP and tape collection into MP3s and CDs. Digitizing records and tapes through iMic directly from your turntable or tape deck is super easy. Use your own favorite recording software, or use our software for free. For Mac users, we provide Final Vinyl as a free download. Final Vinyl is designed specifically for converting your vinyl collection to digital. It comes with advanced features such as waveform-based cue editing, and 10-band EQ, and even includes a special RIAA filter that properly equalizes LPs without having to connect your turntable to a pre-amp

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