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iMeme is a meme generator for both Mac OS X and Windows.
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Michael Fogleman

iMeme is a meme generator for both Mac OS X and Windows. A meme is an idea or behavior that spreads from person to person, often quickly and uncontrollably. The Internet is full of memes. A meme can be a misspelling of a word, a video, an image, a comment, etc. This application helps you to generate image memes. Some examples of the available images are Futurama Fry, Dwight Schrute, images of various animals and some of particular people.

All of the images will be listed on the left by name. When you click on any of those, the image will be shown on the right. Below that are two text fields, which let you add text to the image. You can also increase or decrease the size of the fonts. When you are done creating your meme, you can save it, copy it, or print it. You can also share it from within the application on imgur or reddit, which is great if you want to post it somewhere on the Internets (a meme).

In short, this is a great app. It is very fun to see all those well-known memes in one place. And if you used to do these by hand, on photoshop, for example, you will save a lot of time generating them with this app.

José Fernández
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