ImageAlpha 1.5

Quickly reduce the file size of your 24-bit PNG files.
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ImageAlpha is a photo editor that enables you to reduce the size of 24-bit PNG files with minimum effort. This utility might prove to be of good use if you need to convert 24-bit PNG pictures to PNG8+alpha format which is compatible with iOS devices and a wide variety of web browsers.

The application lets you choose between 4 output profiles (Median Cut, NeuQuant, Blurizer, and Posterizer), preview the images with various types of backgrounds, and zoom in or out the edited pictures. Furthermore, you can select the amount of colors to be used in the new PNG files. The fewer colors you have, the smaller in size the image gets.

Furthermore, the program features an option which, once enabled, transforms the imported PNG into a IE6-friendly alpha image.

The only bad aspect is the fact that the batch processing feature is available only from command line. So, you might need a bit computer knowledge in order to reduce the file size of multiple PNG files at the same time.

All in all, ImageAlpha is an efficient Mac tool that provides you with a quick and simple way to reduce the file size of your 24-bit PNG photos. It's effective, provides you with quality output files, and is open source.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Fast processing speed
  • Lets you know how much you reduced the file's size
  • Provides you 4 output profiles


  • Batch processing is available only from command line
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