Image Processor 3.2

It is designed to rename, resize, and convert multiple image files at once.
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Image Processor is a simple application designed to help you rename, resize, and convert multiple image files at once. In addition, you may use this program for adding watermarks to images, as well as for rounding the corners of photos in batches. The output files can be saved into four of the most popular image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF.

The utility comes with an attractive and intuitive interface. The fact that it provides all the main functions in plain sight makes it more appealing for users who have less experience with this type of image processing tools. You can load the files either by browsing through your computer, or more easily, by using the drag-and-drop method. Once the pictures are imported, they are displayed as thumbnails in the program's input panel. This way, you have the chance to check whether you have selected the right images, or not.

The app lets you rename all the imported files automatically by adding number-based suffixes. Thus, the target files will have the same names with consecutive numbers appended. Such option is of great help when you want to organize large collections of photos. In addition, you have the ability to bring the selected image files to a regular size. For doing this, you may use the tool's size-related presets, or you may enter your favorite dimension coordinates manually. Either way, the resizing process is just as easy. Another interesting feature refers to rounding the corners of right-angled pictures. The curved lines are meant to soften appearance of your photos. It is also possible to add image watermarks to multiple image files at once, their location on the image area is highly customizable. Still, it seems that text watermarks are not supported.

The program's major asset resides in its ability to process multiple files at once. Otherwise, the app won't impress you too much, as it comes with major limitations. To name but a few, you can't maximize the main window; the preview is useless since it is too small and not much different from a thumbnail preview; the watermarks' appearance is not adjustable in terms of transparency, contrast, or other watermark-related issues; the number of output supported formats is limited to four. And the worst thing is that the tool isn't actually free. Although it is downloaded as freeware, you are restricted to performing a limited number of tasks. If you're out of the amount of coins provided by default, you need to pay a price for further processing.

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Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Attractive and intuitive interface
  • Ability to rename, resize, and convert image files
  • Can round photos' corners
  • Supports image watermarks
  • Processes multiple images at once


  • Small preview
  • Limitation to convert into only four image formats
  • Watermarks are not editable



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