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Free Reduce the size of PNG and JPG image files on Mac.
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Image Compressor X is an application designed to help you reduce the size of image files. Consequently, you will be able to optimize your photos for online sharing or simply for saving disk space on your drive. The utility supports two of the most popular image formats, that is PNG and JPG.

The tool opens with a simple interface. It has no Preferences or settings to configure so the compress process is straightforward and easy to enable. Importing files is done conveniently by dragging files into the main window. You have the ability to load an entire folder containing images or add files one by one. The app doesn't provide a preview of the imported pictures yet it showcases a thumbnail-like view of each loaded file. However, you should be careful at the files you add into to compression list since you can't remove the images loaded by accident. In other words, the tool forces you to clear the list and start the the loading process all over again. Another drawback is the lack of custom compress settings. Namely, you can't control by any means the compression level so you just need to trust that the resulting files meet your needs.

In short, the free version of Image Compressor X won't help you too much. It supports only two types of images, the compression isn't customizable, the image preview is missing, and you have a limited number of compression trials.

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  • Compress JPG and PNG
  • Supports loading an entire folder of files for batch image processing


  • Can't customize the compression
  • Doesn't provide a proper image preview
  • Can't remove files individually from compression list
  • Has a limited number of compression trials


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