iKlax Player

iKlax Player 3.1

Plays all your audio files including iklax multitrack.
3.1 (See all)

Main functionalities: The player is made out of 2 parts. Left hand side: - Viewer zone: the top left area of iKlax Player can display images and information relative to the playing file (if the file exists on iklaxmusic.com) - The classic structure of a music player: the user finds the basic functionalities he knows: play, stop, pause, etc. - Mini Player button: allows you to reduce the player size on your desktop Right hand side: - Playlist management including the usual functionalities: add, delete, save & load. - Multitrack display respects a treeview hierarchy enabling user to browse through the various tracks of a song. With a simple click, the listener can switch tracks on or off and hear the result right away (within the limits of the constraints set by the artist). http://www.iklaxmedia.com/bdd_fichiers/iKlaxPlayer3.0_help.pdf

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