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Move your files from one Mac to another device.
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View, search, and transfer files. Pause and resume transferring processes, search data and move it to the trash bin on a remote Mac. Keep your files safe with strong SSH encryption. The solution supports all Mac built-in applications, including Automator, AppleScript, Bonjour, Spotlight, and Keychain.

iGet is an inventive file transfer tool, designed specifically for the Mac.
You can use it to log into your account on any remote Mac, and browse, search, and get the files you need. As easy to use as the best FTP clients, iGet is much more Mac-oriented: you can stop and resume file and folder transfers, and you see the real Mac icons and Finder labels for all your files as you browse. iGet can even put remote files into the Trash instead of irrevocably deleting them.

With Spotlight searches that execute on the remote Mac, you can find anything quickly. Always-on strong SSH encryption keeps your data secure, and you never have to think about details like HFS metadata, resource forks, or unusual characters in your file names. With iGet, all this stuff just works.

iGet works well over virtually any kind of network connection, instead of requiring a fast LAN; it was designed for accessing your Macs over the Internet via DSL, cable, or even cell phone modem.
All this power is wrapped up in a smooth interface that is simple to use and supports all the great technologies that Mac users expect, including Automator, AppleScript, Bonjour, Spotlight, and the Keychain.


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