iCue 1.5

Unifies all the lighting and personalization tools for compatible devices.
1.5 (See all)
Karpus Software
Link all your CORSAIR iCUE compatible devices to create a single interface. Provides the option to sync lighting across all devices and personalize your profiles for lighting and temperature, while comprehensive macro control accelerates your game. You choose and command the whole color spectrum.

Stay informed about the currently playing song, podcast or video in your iTunes library. iCue uses sleek and customizable notifications which fade into view on your screen.
What makes iCue special is that it also supports CUE sheets. This gives you the ability to listen to individual tracks within long single-file sets. That means that listening to non-stop radio mixes is a breeze.

With an intuitive interface and quick keyboard shortcuts, you'll have more control over your iTunes library!

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