ICU 1.0

Place a custom calendar on your desktop.
Simplify and customize the use of a calendar on your device. Place the visual representation of the data over your wallpaper and below your icons, view the marked dates, access them without launching the calendar tool. Display 3 months worth of events.

With ICU you'll keep an eye on your dates. Your calendar will be shown right over your wallpaper and below your icons.
You'll remeber all your dates without opening and closing iCalendar all the time. ICU can display events up to 3 months in advance.
Current dates will be highlighed by an alarm clock symbol without making any disturbing noise.
Drag the event view with your mouse, change its alignment and the maximum amount of events displayed. Adjust every setting with just a few clicks.
Supporting multiple Calendar Providers, new ones can be easily integrated via updates in future versions.
Get an excellent overview over all your dates - whether private or business.

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