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iCoolsoft DVD Copy for Mac 3.1

iCoolsoft DVD Copy for Mac is a DVD duplication tool.
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iCoolsoft DVD Copy for Mac is a DVD duplication tool. Many different tasks can be carried out with this app, but the main one is to create perfect, or 1:1, copies of your DVD movies. To do that, you simply need to insert the DVD that you want to copy, and start the process. The app comes with a DVD burner that will let you burn your movies straight from the application. Of course, if you only have one DVD drive on your Mac, which is the case with most users who don't have an external USB or FireWire DVD drive or burner, you will need to convert your movie to an ISO file or DVD folder first, and then burn it. If you have a Mac Mini without an optical drive, you won't be able to burn movies, but you will still be able to back them up to an ISO file or a folder.

The application can back up movies in two different ways. The first one, called the "Full Disc" mode, creates a perfect copy of your movie. You can additionally choose to include the menus if you want and to choose whether you want to include all the audio and subtitle tracks or none. Unfortunately, you aren't given an option to choose one or multiple tracks to keep them in your copy; it is all or none. The second mode simply backs up the longest DVD title, which is often the main movie title. This option won't work well on TV DVDs, since all the DVD titles are roughly the same size, and only one will be converted if you select this mode.

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  • Two duplication modes
  • Good output options


  • You can't pick which subtitle or audio tracks you want to use
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