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Is a computer application for protecting photos from illegal use.
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Icemark is a computer application for protecting photos, artwork or other types of images from illegal use. Offering an advanced watermarking technology, Icemark allows you to embed into the image an invisible watermark – a digital identifier that can be detected when the watermarked image is scanned by Icemark.
The embedded watermark contains the copyright ownership information – text or image ID. The watermark can only be detected and read to check authorship by the owner of the image who knows a private key.
An Icemark watermark carries the following information: image ID or text, plus there may be the copyright indications, such as “Restricted use”, “Do not copy”, and “Adult content”. This information can serve as a proof of ownership when you discover that your image is used by someone illegally.
Watermarking images with Icemark is an economical way to secretly mark and identify your digital images. It can help photographers, web masters, or any other image owners to protect their photos or artwork from piracy and illegal distribution through World Wide Web by communicating the ownership message.

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