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With iCaption, creating video subtitles from scratch is extremely easy.
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With iCaption, creating video subtitles or captions from scratch is extremely easy, even without prior experience in subtitle or transcript creation. Its simple-to-use interface utilizes timeline based editing. The soft subtitle formats currently supported are SubRip and YouTube.

What are soft subtitles? Soft sub files are stored separately from the video file. They are called soft, because they are not hard-encoded into each video frame; they are rendered in real-time as you play the video. Most modern video players support soft subs and can manage multiple files for quick and easy swapping of languages.

Features and Capabilities:

- A simple yet powerful user interface.
- Loading a reference video to makes editing easier.
- Transfer times from reference video timeline selection.
- Automatically determine the subtitle duration.
- Real-time checking for overlapping subtitle times.
- Easily adjust all subtitle times with one edit.
- Search subtitles allows you to filter the subtitle list.
- Previewing allows you to test subtitles without an external viewer.
- Create, edit, open and save YouTube (.sbv) files.
- Create, edit, open and save SubRip (.srt) files.
- Convert YouTube to SubRip.

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