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Accesses and manages geocache data files.
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The application imports, exports, manages, organizes and views the content of GPX files. It supports multi-file access for a single session and transfer, features drag-and-drop movement controls. The software features creating and editing of GPX, CSV, HTML or Garmin POI files.

iCaching is a software tool that provides users the means to connect to their Geocaching account and perform various operations, such as import or export of geocache data, organize files and folders, or simply view information tabs.

Once you've completed its seamless installation process, you get in contact with a simple GUI, comprised of a top-toolbar menu, a search function, a left-side menu, and a content-display area. The menu icons could've been more colorful and better crafted, and the text size could've been a bit bigger. Nonetheless, the app responds well to user commands and doesn't consume lots of system resources.

Moving on to its functional capabilities, it must be said that iCaching supports the creation of CSV, GPX, HTML, or Garmin POI files, while also supporting the export of files to GPSr. Also, by using the Search feature, from the toolbar, individuals can easily filter their searches, by combining various criteria.
Additionally, they can make queries for their location, view the hidden caches, add or remove favorite points, or check the geocache availability.

John Saunders
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  • Supports creation of CSV, GPX, and HTML files
  • Checks geocache availability
  • Has a Search feature


  • Buttons lack color
  • Has a small text size
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