iCaching 7.5

Accesses and manages geocache data files.
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The application imports, exports, manages, organizes and views the content of GPX files. It supports multi-file access for a single session and transfer, features drag-and-drop movement controls. The software features creating and editing of GPX, CSV, HTML or Garmin POI files.

iCaching allows you to import, organize, manage, explore and export your geocaches on your Mac. A native, fast Mac App. Tested and works on OS X 10.7 Lion.
Import multiple GPX-files (pocketqueries) at the same time, by the import button, or drag and drop them into iCaching Each GPX-file will be imported into it's own folder.
You can easily add folders and organize your geocaches with drag and drop. Each cache has only one instance in the database.
Extra waypoints (for multi's) are added to the cache and visible on the waypoints-tab. Logs are added and sorted on the logs-tab. Every time you import a new version of the geocache, new logs are added to the loglist. Other tabs display the cache metadata, offline descriptions and the cache-webpage.
View the cache on a map, with or without additional waypoints and/or your home-location.
iCaching can contain multiple home-locations and calculates distance and bearing on the fly.
Add your own notes and make a cache favorite or deprecated.
An extended search-pane helps you to find the caches in the database.

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