iBoostUp 5.8

Improve the performance of your Mac with just a few clicks.
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iBoostUp provides you with many built-in tools which help you improve the performance of your Mac and get rid of unnecessary data from your computer. The application is very intuitive, provides you with a help guide, and has easy-to-configure settings.

As soon as you launch the app on your Mac it immediately starts checking the current status of your system. It then reveals detailed information about the issues you're dealing with, such as low disk space, and gives you access to its built-in tools. With their help, you can find and remove duplicates, clear cache data, delete browsing history, etc.

Unfortunately, iBoostUp comes with several flaws. It doesn't let you test some of the integrated tools unless you make an in-app purchase. Even though the acquiring price is reasonable, I'd still want to know what exactly I am paying for.

Another disadvantage is that the program takes a while to complete the disk usage and health status scans. In that time, it might slow down the performance of other running applications.

In conclusion, I'd say you should look for a different utility for optimizing the performance of your system.

Ashley Griggs
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  • Provides you with many useful tools
  • Helps you reclaim disk space
  • Comes with a help manual


  • It might take a while to check disk health status and analyze disk usage
  • Many of the integrated tools cannot be tested until you make an in-app purchase
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