iAlarm 2.07

iAlarm allows you to set different types of alarms on your Mac.
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iAlarm allows you to set different types of alarms on your Mac. There are six different types of alerts, called Beep, Speak, Weather, Podcast, iTunes and AppleScript. The 'Beep' works like your regular alarm clock. By default, it will be repeated 5 times, but you can change this number. The 'Speak' feature uses the text-to-speech engine on your Mac to tell you the time. The 'weather' hows you a current report of the weather conditions in your area, but only for US cities. Podcast allows you to play a podcast. There are some podcasts included, but you can add your own URL, if you want to use another one. iTunes lets you play music from your iTunes library or custom playlists when the alarm goes off, and AppleScript allows you to run an AppleScript.

Other than these 6 different alarms, you can also set iAlarm to wake up your computer from sleep when your alarm is set to go off and you can also start a Sleep timer that you will put your Mac to sleep at a specific time.

From the main window, you can configure the application and test each of these features.

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