HyperKeyboard 5.5

Edit and modify musical compositions using this HyperCard melody scripting tool.

HyperKeyboard is a HyperCard melody scripting tool that should reside in your HyperCard folder. It enables you to make compositions and process them any way you like. Compress or convert a melody line, replace the sound, or even modify the key, octave, and duration. Put finalized compositions into a playlist, and edit them afterwards or install them onto another HyperCard stack. Buttons are grouped in functional clusters; most of them can be Shift-clicked for direct access to the relevant help section, which is in English as well as in Dutch.
Two special facilities, autocompression and Test Import of Sound Resources, make HyperKeyboard stand out against other melody scripting tools. Version 5.5 repairs the musical keyboard in which a black key was missing.

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