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Create stunning animated and interactive web content.
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Taking advantage of the latest developments in HTML tags, CSS styles, and improved JavaScript performance, Hype provides users with a powerful platform for creating and publishing HTML5 based content. The application includes a wide range of features, a smart looking interface which should effectively enhance your productivity.

Even for its many abilities, Hype is quite easy to use; each document is made up of multiple scenes with elements providing the extra flexibility and interaction (text, images, video, boxes and buttons). Manage timelines (which run animations), add triggers, scene transitions to interact to user commands like click, keystroke or document events.

The output created with Hype is compatible with multiple popular browsers; the additional Inspector window will display warnings, should any compatibility errors occur. The Inspector itself allows for the customization of document, scene, metrics, element, text, mouse action and identity values.

Hype is designed for both advanced as well as novice users; all in all, this is a convenient and comprehensive utility for creating HTML5 web content.

Rory Shaffer
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  • Well designed interface
  • Flexible set of features
  • Simple to use


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