HVC Color Composer Professional plugin for InDesign CS4

Color composition design tool.
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Master Colors patented technology offers artists the only known objective method of color composition, with an approach that can be clearly explained, understood and used by any artist, designer, digital photographer or prepress professional. Master Colors' HVC Color Composer is a designer's dream tool. This InDesign plug-in adds a new, more instinctive color space to Adobe's existing color picker. Based on Hue, Value and Chroma, this simple addition is broad in scope and develops confidence in understanding, controlling and generating palettes with harmonious color combinations. Ansel Adams acknowledged that his zone was derived from a harmonic progression found in music, In a similar way, the HVC Color Composer creates a mathematical progression of colors based on contrast that translates into beautiful constructed color compositions. The amount of contrast distance between neighboring color swatches is controlled by software algorithms that let you create and save color palettes for use within InDesign's swatch window. After installation, select HVC as your picker from InDesign's general preferences. The HVC Interface has the same layout as the Adobe picker with the standard color spaces-HSB, RGB, Lab, and CMYK-plus it adds three buttons for Hue, Value and Chroma. Clicking on these buttons generates a specific corresponding color preview window. Hue displays the basic colors. Value displays all colors in the same lightness, and Chroma displays all colors of the same intensity. It's a very natural process based on how we perceive color. The artist specifies the contrast parameters using your Target Color as a reference point. The HVC Color Composer generates three types of palettes: *Auto-Range palettes generates a color palette with four levels of contrast *Range lets you produce a palette of colors of any specified numerical distance from one or more Target Colors. *Proportion is based on two Target Colors, where you select a ratio, such as 1:2, 1:4, etc., to create a palette of colors with the same contrast ratio from the Target Colors. HVC shines at quickly generating combinations of colors that work perfectly together. Additionally, Master Colors



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