HTML Stripper 1.0

Extract texts from all types of HTML code.
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Check out an assistant for extracting texts from HTML structures accessible on your Mac. Work with the configuration tools for processing an HTML file, transforming relevant elements to plain text, exporting the results to an editing solution or saving separately.

Extract plain text from any HTML code in the blink of an eye.
HTML Stripper captures and cleans up text from any webpage and .html file, transforming it from HTML to plain text.
Thousands of professionals count on HTML Stripper: it captures and cleans up text from any webpage and .html file, transforming it from HTML to plain text. Removes code tags and restores the page’s text, ready to be reused in other documents. In addition, it magically creates a clear and accurate list of all links and media in the page.
With HTML Stripper it’s really easy to extract HTML text using the drag and drop function: just drag a .html file, web address or a portion of code in the application and HTML Stripper does the rest. No need to click!
- Drag any .html file to the app
- Drag a web address directly from Safari or other browsers
- Drag any portion of HTML code
• Clean up text directly in the clipboard:
Just copy your portion of HTML code, use the Strip Clipboard function in HTML Stripper and paste your code-free text. Copy, Clean-up and Paste. Doesn’t get any faster!
• Use the app’s main field to compose the final text:
One of the functions you’ll appreciate most in HTML Stripper is a real breakthrough. Copy HTML text from any source – the text will already be cleaned up of any HTML tags when you paste it to the main field. And with HTML Stripper you don’t need to work from an entire HTML page, since you can paste any part of it.
• Your media and links ordered and aligned:
HTML Stripper can instantly extract links and media from a page, removing them from the text and placing them in a convenient list in the application’s lateral bar. So you can see the plain text on one side and the resources on the other: everything in its proper place.
• Feed it anything:
Feed the application any HTML, whether it’s a portion of code, a file from your Mac, or even a web address, dragging it directly from Safari! HTML Stripper is a HTML-omnivorous app!
HTML Stripper cleans up any HTML code tags, transforming the contents into plain text, grouping together links and media in the page in a convenient list.
- Transforms any web page or .html file into plain text in the blink of an eye.
- Quickly removes HTML code tags from text.
- Groups together links and media in the page into a convenient list.
- No need to click: just drag any HTML directly into the app’s window.
- It’s a HTML-omnivorous app: cleans up text from .html files, web addresses and portions of code!
- Use the Strip Clipboard function to save time: cleans up text directly from the Clipboard content.
- Use the Word Count to quickly assess the number of words in the text.

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