HotMouse 1.2

Adds high-resolution effects to mouse cursors.
1.2 (See all)
Replace the standard visuals and animation of the mouse cursor on your Mac. Incorporate the package adding high-resolution special effects around on your mouse pointer, disable or enable them at will and select one of the multiple available cursor types.

HotMouse brings high fidelity screen effects to your desktop. With a graphics engine specially designed to take advantage of your multicore Mac, HotMouse renders silky smooth, lag-free special effects around on your mouse pointer.
The first bundle of effects includes:
- Fire: Stream flames across your screen!
- Grow: Your basic giant pointer. Great for the over 40 crowd!
- Decal: Attach any image to your mouse pointer.
- Attractor: A streaky particle system for people who love string.
- Trails: The classic pointer effect, with a new twist.And, there's more effects to come! Stay tuned!

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