Horse Racing - Flat Race 1.2

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Place your bets and back a winner. Flat Race is a free horse race game where six horses battle it out over distances from 1200 metres to 3200 metres. You choose the horse and rider, the distance you want the race and how much you want to bet on your horse to win. You can play it now above in the free online version or you can download the free PC Windows version below. The free online version above is over 1200 metres. The PC version contains more horses, options and distance choices of 1200 metres, 1600 metres, 2000 metres, 2400 metres and 3200 metres. Plus there is also an extra wide screen version available to download below, which is also completely free. To play the game above just follow the instructions on the titles screen. Also on the titles screen, you can set how much you wish to bet on your chosen horse to win the race. This is called your stake and is set by the drop down box. Initially you are given 100 (



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