Homebrew Formulator 2.7

Application for creating and managing beer recipes.
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Homebrew Formulator is an application for creating and managing beer recipes. It is a Filemaker runtime application, so it has a powerful database driving its capabilities. It was developed by us to meet our personal needs, but we have decided to make it available to the public free of charge. Of course, you can always send us some beer or donations if you would like.
Some features of the Homebrew Formulator include:
- Universal binary
- Creation of full mash, partial mash, and extract beer recipes
- Beer list sortable by recipe name, beer style, or date brewed
- Beer styles from the most current BJCP Style Guidelines
- Mash calculator for creating custom infusion, step, or decoction mashes
- Management of custom brewing environments
- Management of ingredients (separate databases for hops, fermentables, yeasts and additions)
- Provides convenient table of your recipe specifics versus the target beer style
- Brewing water calculator for making water adjustments to match published water profiles
- Carbonation calculators for accurately matching carbonation to style
- Yeast repitch calculator for determing yeast volume for optimal fermentation
- Actuals can be recorded along with comments for each batch to serve as a brewer's notebook
- Hydrometer correction calculator
- Summary page for recipe printout before heading off to the homebrew shop
Brewing is part art and part science. Try not to let the artist cast aside the scientist, or you will never perfect the craft.



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