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Home Radio Israel is an app that lets you listen to different radio stations.

Home Radio Israel is an app that lets you listen to different online radio stations. It includes thirty one different radio stations, including Radio Tel-Aviv, Rusty Mike Radio, Eco 99FM, and several others. Not all of the radio stations worked during my time with this application. I probably tried connecting to about 10 different stations, and only 6 worked. Of those 6, one wasn't in stereo and another one had horrible quality. So, in other words, only 40% of the stations that I tried worked well.

Home Radio Israel runs on the menubar, from where you can access the list of radio stations and control audio playback and volume. The app lets you use a search feature to find stations and you can click on the little star at the bottom of the window to add the selected station to your favorites list for easier navigation. The button on the left of the play button takes you to the home website of the selected radio station.

According to the developers, this application doesn't use Flash. Thus, you should be able to save some battery life by listening to your stations using the application instead of the stations' websites.

In conclusion, this application has some working radio stations, but most of the ones that I tried didn't work or had audio playback problems. I also don't like that there aren't any settings that I can change, and you can't manually add stations to the application, so you have to wait for the developers to fix the broken links if you really want to listen to those stations.

José Fernández
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Review summary


  • The stations that work sound good
  • Easy access from menubar
  • Increased battery life since it doesn't use Flash for streaming


  • A lot of stations didn't work
  • Some of the ones that did work were mono
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