Holy Bible Audio Book 2.9

Listen to the various Bible versions directly on your Mac.
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Holy Bible Audio Book is a Mac utility that allows you to listen to various Bible versions from the comfort of your home. This application is localized in multiple languages, comes with an intuitive interface, and allows you to copy its text content to your clipboard.

After you select the Bible version you wish to read, you can use the integrated text-to-speech feature to listen to its content. Furthermore, you have access to a built-in search tool which helps you immediately find the line or terms you're looking for.

Unfortunately, the program comes with flaws. For starters, resizing the main window of the app might hide the text content from the interface. You cannot scroll horizontally.

The application brings you a Print option in its main menu. However, after you select it, the program displays the following error message: "This application is not allowed to print. Please contact your application vendor for an update". Hence, you cannot print anything.

Another aspect that bothers me is that you need to make an in-app purchase in order to unlock all content. You can listen to only the first 3 chapters of the book Genesis until you make the aforementioned purchase.

The utility also freezes on multiple occasions, especially when using the integrated search tool.

In conclusion, I don't think it's worth installing this program on your Mac. You can find cheaper and more efficient alternatives to using this app.

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  • Localized in various languages
  • You can copy text to clipboard
  • Comes with a search tool


  • You cannot print content
  • Resizing the main window hides some of the built-in bible editions as well as their text content
  • Occasionally freezes
  • You need to pay to unlock all Bible versions



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